Rising Sun Lodge #2

Norfolk, VA, F. & A.M., Inc. EST. 1845

How soon we forget when we have been blessed

This past Tuesday was a very trying day for me. My cars battery died, I was late to work, I missed a very important meeting


and because I did something didn’t happen that I really wanted to happen. I began to complain more so than usual, all the


issues of life seems to fill my mind at once. I HATE THIS CAR, THIS HOUSE, THIS JOB, THESE SHOES, THIS SHIRT, THESE


SOCKS, THESE PANTS…….and the list went on and on. I began to sink rather rapidly into depression where I remained for


the earlier part of the day.



I questioned why god brought me home again and again from the battlefield, why I was still here and what purpose was I


serving in this life’s journey….all because my battery died. I had to talk to a friend as I usually do when I get upset and he told


me in so many words be thankful Mike. I didn’t want to hear that…I was heated and depressed!!!!!!!! Here he goes talking


about be thankful…. I walked around the corner and used my Mother’s car to drive to the auto parts store and prepare for


what I thought would be a battle. The battery was under warranty so I paid nothing. On the way home I passed people walking


in the cold down the street with no coat and shoes that didn’t fit. I pulled up to my home, I showered again in my bathroom, I


debated on what pair of shoes and what socks to wear that match my outfit.



How soon we forget when we have been blessed. This lodge was almost no more. After we were embezzled by one of our


own we were 2 assessment’s in the arrears to the grand lodge we were 3 months behind on the rent, our numbers were plenty


but our intake of funds was fickle to say the least. Now here we are less than five years since that time and we are paying


assessments ahead of schedule, our numbers have increased, brothers have returned and become active again, we have


accounts not account with money in each one. We have grown in giving, and charity, and strengthened our bonds of brotherly


love. We are becoming the lodge that sometime ago I believe we once were. Think this holiday season about what you have


been through vs what you have be brought through. Take time to really thank god for the blessing you have because you


small blessing may be the biggest blessing to someone else.



First Masonic District of Virginia - MWPHGL of VA, F. & A.M., Inc.