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Past Master List


Member Name Position Served (Year)
C.R.S. Collins Master 1938
William E. Gibson Master 1939
Walter A. Riddick Master 1940
Marshall R. Floyd Master 1941
Harry Thompson Master 1942
William Bright Master 1943
Ralph Gholson Master 1844
Percy Reid Master 1945
Wilson Custis Master 1946
Louis Ryan Master 1947
Walter H. Webb Master 1948
William H. Bryant Master 1949
Charles B. Harris Master 1950
George R. Jackson Master 1951
Thomas Frazier Master 1952
Robert Jones Master 1953
Willie Marsh Master 1954
Willie Marsh Master 1955
Matthew Towns Master 1956
St. Elmo Alston Master 1957
Henry Dozier Master 1958
Alexander Smith Master 1960
Walter Lee Bryant Master 1961
Clarence Davis Master 1962
Alexander Walke Master 1963
Daniel J. Mack Master 1964
William A. Edmonds Master 1965
William A. Edmonds Master 1966
J Edward Shields, Sr. Master 1967
Reginald Wright Master 1968
Leon Thornton Master 1969
Elbert L. Cooper Master 1970
Willie I. Bond Master 1971
James A. Baum Master 1972
Ernest N. Hill Master 1973
Lancaster Ried Master 1974
Frank Clayter Master 1975
Robert L. Gill, Sr. Master 1976
Robert L. Gill, Sr. Master 1977
Milton C. Boush, Sr. Master 1978
Richard N. Pitt, Sr. Master 1979
James E. Allen Master 1980
James L. Jones Master 1981
James L. Jones Master 1982
Leo W. Gray Master 1983
Mayhue Edwards Master 1984
Mayhue Edwards Master 1985
Milton F. Lee Master 1986
Moses L. Little Master 1987
Moses L. Little Master 1988
Leroy Booker Master 1989
Mack C. Joseph Master 1990
Anthony S. Kerrin Master 1991
Anthony S. Kerrin Master 1992
William L. Johnson, Jr. Master 1993
Willian L. Johnson, Jr. Master 1994
Andrew C. Person, Jr. Master 1995
Wallace Braye, Jr. Master 1996
Andrew C. Person, Jr. Master 1997
Cliss L. Bynum Master 1998
Jimmy L. Cooper Master 1999
Alan Thornton Master 2000
Michael T. Johnson Master 2001
Alvin G. Stanley, Jr. Master 2002
Michael L. Coffey Master 2003
Bobby Waldo Master 2004
Lorne L. Dennis Master 2005
Lorne L. Dennis Master 2006
Ronald S. Keyes Master 2007
James Phillips Demit 2006
Charles A. Johnson Master 2008
Renard Jenkins Master 2009
Brian Gay Master 2010
James Powers Master 2011
Michael L. Coffey Master 2012
Mike Wilson Master 2013
Mike Wilson Master 2014
Mike Wilson Master 2015
Manuel Hammond Jr. Master 2016
Terry Purcell Master 2018